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Patreon Sex Games – A New Way Of Supporting The Porn Game Creators

Most of the time, the problem with anything adult related, be it movies, erotica, live sex, artwork or porn games is the middle man. There’s always a brand that’s offering creators a platform, but at the same time, they try ripping them off. This makes creators feel unappreciated and underpaid, which in turn leads to them not showing as much interest and enthusiasm in their work. And when it comes to adult content, you can feel the difference. That’s why so many porn games on different kinks and fetishes look like they were designed by developers who have nothing to do with the theme. It’s like making a gay guy describe sex with a beautiful woman. He can do it, but it doesn’t have that feel to it.

However, things are changing in the porn gaming world. After it got rid of the Flash games, now it also gets rid of the middle man. A new niche of xxx games is rising. I’m talking about Patreon Sex Games, and the philosophy behind this new concept is sure pretty self-explanatory. Players like you and I can directly donate money to xxx game developers. You know where the money is going, you know that the developers are happy, and the end result looks amazing. Let’s talk more about this new trend in the world of adult gaming and about the best games resulting out of it.

The Players Decide What Games Will Be Made

The best thing about directly financing the adult gaming developing projects through Patreon is the democracy that comes out of it. The players will support the ideas they’d like to play, unlike before when the decisions on which games will be made was in the hands of platform executives, who always care about business. That’s why we used to see so many games with flashy titles and promising but impossible or boring gameplay. Well, now we finally get what we want to play. Amongst the most popular categories in the Patreon Sex Games niche you will find saga game series, xxx RPGs, interactive stories and visual novel games. We notice a common theme amongst these popular categories. That common theme is the story.

Players want to be captivated by a game, and they always have been. The point and click games coming with the same gameplay but different character skins are to be forgotten. And the stories are excellent. You get nice character development and exciting scenarios which will make you hornier than the graphics and sex action themselves. And we get so many fresh and original stories. No more recycling the same lore in game after game. I’ve seen porn games on the web with over fifty installments. Even Final Fantasy, one of the most epic game ever created, only has 16 installments and they already remake earlier episodes. But that’s what you get when adult game executives care more about numbers and advertisement than they care about their audience of players.

Better Graphics, Better Engines, Better Gameplay

The fact that the Patreons are taking the financial burden off the shoulders of the developers also results in better end products. The new HTML5 technology lets creators come up with amazing graphics and play with all kinds of engines for physics, movement, typescript, and sound. But that’s not the secret behind the superior graphics and gameplay of this generation of games. The improvement comes from the simple fact that the developers aren’t pressed by deadlines and fitting as many projects in as little time as possible. Now they have time to tend those little details of the games, take out all the bugs and properly test them even before they launch the beta version. Also, since the beta versions are exclusively launched for the patreons who financed the project, developers have access to quality feedback.

Is Patreon Fueling VR Adult Gaming?

It’s still early to say. Although there are so many daring teams on Patreon working on VR games, things are not as simple. VR porn games are a tad more complex than classic HTML5 games. That’s because the VR gaming industry as a whole still needs innovation and evolution, while HTML5 sex games are easier to produce. Innovation comes with investment and lots of efforts. There will be teams putting out VR sex games, but they will look so first-gen that you’d feel like we have to wait some more years until we can properly enjoy the virtual gaming world. So, don’t get your hopes to high. Even if Patreon Sex Games are the future, they still can’t work wonders.

Would You Support Patreon Sex Games?

The Patreon Sex Games that you find on our site have already been fully financed and now they’re available for free. You know enjoy proper sex gaming because some other players like you and men believed in some creators and financed their projects. Your enjoyment on our site has been paid forward. And now it’s time for you to make a decision. Will you continue to enjoy all the new games for free, or will you try to pay it forward for the players of the next games. Either way, one thing is certain. The world of free porn gaming will constantly grow and change because the filter or interference between players and developers have been removed. So, find the team that works on games satisfying your kinks and fantasies. Check out the details of their project and then become their patreon. If you think paying for porn and adult games instead of pirating is satisfying, wait until you see how financing such project will make you feel. When you’ll finally play the game, you’ll enjoy every moment of it, and when you’ll see other gamers enjoying it and giving it positive feedback, you’ll know that you’ve done something good for the adult community that entertained you so many years until now.

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